Library Science is just the start

A career in library science can lead you down many exciting paths. You could teach children how to find information, direct a major college library or manage information technology within a school library. Library science even reaches far beyond libraries and offers you the opportunity to learn about:

  • Critical research techniques
  • Cutting-edge information technologies
  • Effective information services

The department of library science can help you pursue your interests in information and libraries. It offers courses that support students in earning school library media certification in Missouri and related graduate and undergraduate degrees at Missouri State. MSU and the University of Missouri have partnered to offer southwest Missouri residents a master’s program in library science that is accredited by the American Library Association. 

Librarians are essential to the information access of the future

Librarians fill very significant roles. They open the door to information of the past, and they hold the key to information access in the future. Librarians have major responsibilities to their communities – to promote information literacy, reading and open access to information. While the roles of a librarian are always changing, the essence of this career is concerned with the selection, acquisition, organization, preservation, conservation, retrieval and dissemination of information.

This field offers diverse opportunities. Certified school librarians serve children in K-12 schools. Academic librarians support the research of faculty at major universities. Public librarians provide valuable information to community organizations. Special librarians serving corporations enhance the development of products and services. In the related field of information science, information specialists design, manage and evaluate information systems. Librarianship was even recently noted as one of the best careers by the U.S. News and World Report,

With the growth in digital resources, education in this area can even enhance many careers related to information, such as teaching, research, journalism, communications and business.