Library Science Graduate Program


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MU Master of Arts, Library Science Emphasis at Missouri State

Professional or leaderships positions in school, public, academic, and special libraries require a Masters in Library Science from a program accredited by the American Library Association. Missouri State University (MSU) and the University of Missouri (MU) have a cooperative arrangement in which students can earn this accredited master’s degree from MU while continuing to live and work in southwest Missouri.

The MU/MSU cooperative Master of Arts, Library Science emphasis program prepares future librarians and information professionals to:

  • Manage and evaluate information effectively
  • Take leadership roles in information settings
  • Effectively manage organizational and technological change
  • Assist diverse information users in effectively accessing and utilizing information for personal, professional and academic pursuits.

The Master of Arts in Library Science (MALS) program consists of 42 credit hours of required and elective courses that can be taken in a variety of distance sensitive formats. For more information, including admissions requirements and course schedules, go to the Program Overview.

This high-quality professional education informs students of relevant, ethical and effective practice in a rapidly changing multicultural society. Students are engaged in a student-centered learning environment that focuses on both practice and theory-based principles that prepare them to be critical consumers of research and reflective practitioners. They will participate in scholarly and community-based research and build the professional networks needed to effectively provide library and information services in a rapidly changing technological and global society.

University of Missouri Master of Arts in Library Science Program